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Welcome to Physicians Health & Fitness!

Physicians Health & Fitness recognizes that successful, long-term weight management needs to focus on more than the food you eat and the pounds you lose. 
A successful weight management program also needs to focus on making lifestyle changes which brings improved health.

We provide patients with both; support through holidays, birthdays and other events as well as a commitment to help our patients achieve their health and weight loss goals whether they are 17 or 70.

We at Physicians Health & Fitness understand that losing weight requires a commitment and support. We provide several resources to our patients, many of whom have had dramatic weight

Gregg has lost 70 #'s and kept it off 1 year.

After being injured while in the Army, his knee had always been a problem.
After losing the weight, he was able to have knee replacement surgery!

He also eliminated 5 medications and consistantly burns more than 2000 calories a week through Physical Activity.



 Lawrence was 16 and 90#'s over weght

 “I was the butt of many jokes at school. I had no social life, was depressed and stayed in my room.” 

“HMR changed my life.” “When I went back to school after losing 60- lbs over the summer, no one recognized me.”

Lawrence lost 97’s and has kept it off 3 years. 

                                                      is now a sophomore in college pursuing his Doctorate
We have an AT HOME Program and a program that includes motivational behavioral classes.